Missing 66

This is the 3rd music video from Dyed In Blue - the alias for Canadian singer songwriter Patrick Grehan.

It is the last song on the debut album entitled ‘Moment Of Leaving’. A stripped down acoustic tune featuring guitar, vocal and EBow which is a device that’s held over guitar strings to produce a kind of electric violin effect.

The song deals with a conflict and misunderstanding between two people who have known each other for a long time but are now estranged. The lyric has a she says-he says type format and presents a metaphor in reference to 66 as the birth year one of the people involved and Route #66 highway which runs through a large part of the USA. A now mostly defunct single lane highway built in 1926 as one of the first major roads through the country.

The song and the video evoke a sense of loss from unresolved issues, such that life can bring.