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Available for Download

Available for Download

Dyed In Blue is the recording alias of Patrick Grehan a Canadian singer/songwriter.The debut album, called "Moment Of Leaving" is described as 'melodic rock.

9 guitar driven songs, plus 1 cover that move in mood and spirit from dark to light.The voice is familiar but unique.....the sound is rock for the now but with streams of influence that channel the creative free spirit of the 1970's to the present.

Overdrive guitars and acoustic, clean electric and mandolin, moog taurus pedals and volume swells, the sound is rich and carried with intensity by Toronto drummer Creighton Doane.

Less of a story telling approach and more of an emotional flow of personal events & even dreamscapes, ‘Moment of Leaving’ is a collection of songs done in the tradition of the album or LP if you will......

Available Now for Download