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Dyed in Blue is Patrick Grehan. A Canadian singer/songwriter native to Niagara Falls, Ontario. With a musical upbringing, by his classically trained Father, he was encouraged to pass his suburban childhood playing guitar.

He completed the renowned Recording Engineering and Recorded Music Production Program/ Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario along side engineer/producer greats such as Noel Golden (Matchbox 20, Willie Nelson). From there touring as a full time musician he gained experience as a vocalist and his guitar playing began to flourish. His new found talents, allowed his original song writing skills to emerge.

Patrick’s strong connection to Canada’s music community, especially Toronto, is evident in the support he received by radio stations such as Q107, and 102.1 The Edge. A Factor grant awarded to him and writing partner Rob Spro lead to a 5 track demo recorded at Metalworks Studios. These sessions were co-produced and engineered by Richard Chyki (Rush, Dream Theater) featuring backing vocals from James Labrie, Dream Theater’s lead vocalist.

Patrick and his band enjoyed success playing on the club circuit as well as opening for some larger acts. While playing, Patrick’s interests and knowledge of the production side of the business started to re-emerge. Toronto’s now historic Phase One Studios quickly noticed his skills and hired him as a full time recording engineer. Working along side some of the industries greats such as Eric Ratz, Harry Hess, Michael Phillip Wojewoda and Ed Cherney, helped infuse his knowledge with experience. His talents really shine on early session recordings of Enrique Iglesias and veteran session musicians like Kevin Breit and Randy Cooke.

Phase One was a rich and fulfilling experience. Centered around a huge studio floor, a classic British-made Neve 8026 series console, and a Studer A80 24-track tape machine. In that era of ‘analog recording you couldn’t just download a plugin, you relied on the endless array of physical outboard gear available at the time. Those days were filled with exciting experimentations that lead to an intimate knowledge of the recording process and the industry. This knowledge has helped Patrick grow and seamlessly transition with the rest of the industry to the now standard Avid Pro-Tools platform.Still in operation today, Phase One could easily be featured in the HBO Dave Grohl television series entitled ‘Sonic Highways, which focuses on the history of some of music’s great multi-track recording studios.

Patrick’s path then found him in Vancouver, British Columbia at famed Pinewood Sound. Although Pinewood was known for music production, the company’s direction turned toward audio post production, sound effects, re-recording and mixing for film and television. Patrick worked at Pinewood Sound recording foley sound effects and ADR (automated dialogue replacement) on shows such as The X-Files and Millennium. That would mean working hand in hand with some of the top notch acting talent from those shows such as David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, Lance Henrikson and Naomi Watts.

After a few years Patrick moved back to Toronto to continue work in audio post production. Manta Sound (now Technicolor Toronto) is known for it’s history of multi-track record production, seeing artists like Rush and The Eagles walk through their door. At this same time Patrick made a conscious choice to return to playing music, singing and more importantly, getting back to songwriting. Musical ideas, riffs and melodies were constantly presenting themselves.

The pull towards recording a full length album was not to be ignored. Patrick followed his roots back to St. Catharines in the Niagara Region, to focus on music and craft his ideas into finished songs. Niagara was the perfect place for this working musician to complete his debut album “Moment of Leaving”.

The process of writing and recording was definitely organic and took it’s own sweet time. As a huge fan of music, Patrick has maintained the integrity of his writing and musical goals in this debut album. Musically this is Patrick’s “Moment of Leaving”.

Available for Download

Available for Download


9 guitar driven songs, plus 1 cover that move in mood and spirit from dark to light.
The voice is familiar but unique.....the sound is rock for the now but with streams of influence that channel the creative free spirit of the 1970’s to the present.

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9 guitar driven songs, plus 1 cover that move in mood and spirit from dark to light. 
The voice is familiar but unique.....the sound is rock for the now but with streams of influence that channel the creative free spirit of the 1970’s to the present.

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